Target Will Give You $200 for a First-Gen iPad

As if you needed another reason to upgrade.

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Now’s a good time to unload your first-generation iPad, with Target offering $200 in store credit for the three-year-old tablet.

To get this deal, you have to find a Target store with a “mobile” section. Look it up on Target’s website first. And don’t bother with Target’s online trade-in tool, or you won’t get the minimum $200 credit. The deal is good through November 9.

Target is actually offering the $200 minimum for any iPad, but the trade-in value for the first-generation model is by far the best deal. I’ve checked a couple other tech buyback services–Gazelle, Nextworth and Amazon–and none of them are offering nearly that much money for the original iPad. Even the auctions on eBay are only fetching around $150.

It’s too bad you have to get store credit instead of cash, especially if you have eyes on an iPad alternative like Google’s Nexus 7 or Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX, neither of which are sold by Target. But if you’re just looking to upgrade to a newer iPad, Target has them all. The trade-in credit would knock the price of an iPad Air down to $300, or an original iPad Mini down to $100. You can also hold out for the new iPad Mini that’s coming later this month, though it may be hard to get.