The PlayStation 4 Delivers Launch Trailer Quadruplets

Sony unveils four PlayStation 4 launch trailers.

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Brace for incoming hype: Sony just unleashed a tetrad of PlayStation 4 launch trailers, because yes, the company’s next-gen console is almost here — not this week, but by the end of next, November 15.

T-minus 10 days then. The trailer up top gets things started with a title you can almost hear Patrick Stewart delivering in stentorian tones, though he’d be missing a crucial three-letter determiner: “Epic Journeys Await you on PS4 System.” There’s The Elder Scrolls Online, which isn’t a launch game and won’t be a thing until next year (assuming it ships on time). But the new Killzone looks sweet enough, as do those Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV clips.

The remaining three trailers, listed below, approach the system from bullet point angles: the controller, the games and the PS4-Vita connection. The most enlightening is probably the controller overview, which highlights what Sony’s up to with the DualShock 4 in case you’ve been thinking it’s just a glorified DualShock 3 with extended handlebars. Is it “revolutionary” as claimed? I think not, but marketing doubtless had its hands tied on that one. Besides, revolutionary’s overrated. Give me an evolutionary controller that does what it needs to, when I need it to, any day of the week.

That’s followed by the obligatory games sizzle reel. (Never mind that tautological pull quote: “This is a new age for Sony and its games.” Why yes, yes it is — new ages all around, folks!)

And finally the PS4-Vita connector, with its hypothetically killer Remote Play feature. Sign me up for some Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Watch Dogs on-the-go, especially if they’re playable through the cloud (I have serious latency reservations about this, but who knows).