Surprise! The iPad Mini with Retina Display Is Now Available

Apple's smaller tablet starts at $399.

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Although Apple hasn’t officially announced a release date for the iPad Mini with Retina Display, it’s available now through Apple’s online store.

Update: It’s official now. Apple says the iPad Mini is available online and in stores starting today.

For Wi-Fi models with 16 GB or 32 GB of storage, shipping time is currently one to three business days. All other models, including 64 GB  and 128 GB sizes and 4G LTE variants, have a shipping time of five to 10 business days. None of the models are available for in-store pickup.

Pricing starts at $399 for Wi-Fi models and $529 with 4G LTE. Each higher level of storage costs an extra $100. Last year’s iPad Mini without the Retina display remains available for $300.

The iPad Mini with Retina display has a much higher resolution screen than its predecessor, though it is a tiny bit thicker and heavier. It also has Apple’s latest A7 processor–the same one that’s in the iPad Air and iPhone 5s. No reviews of the iPad Mini with Retina display currently exist, though TIME’s Harry McCracken enjoyed the larger iPad Air.

Supplies of the iPad Air were plentiful at launch, but there’s been speculation about supply constraints for the iPad Mini. That may explain the subdued launch of Apple’s smaller tablet.