Want to Try Google Glass for Yourself? Take a Number.

Now there's a waiting list for the $1500 wearable computer

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In the past, the only way to get your hands on the Google Glass was to be selected by Google or get an invite to the Google Explorer program from one of the initial explorers. Now that small group of explorers, their friends and family is opening up.

Google’s Glass Explorer site now allows users to put their name on a waiting list. If a spot opens up, they can become an Explorer, though the entry fee is a steep $1,500.

Google told the Verge that the new program is not part of a wider consumer launch, due in 2014. Rather, the wait list is just an expansion of the Explorer program, which has grown since it opened for pre-orders of Google Glass last June. Google’s keeping the number of Glass units being released to people on the wait list a secret for now.

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