Logitech’s iPhone Game Controller Also Costs $100

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Moga isn’t the only company with a $100 iPhone game controller. Logitech’s new PowerShell controller has a similar look and the exact same price tag.

These aren’t the only iOS game controllers on the market, but they’re the first to receive Apple’s blessing. As with Moga’s Ace Power controller, the Logitech PowerShell cradles an iPhone between two controller sections. And both controllers have built-in batteries for charging the iPhone during play sessions.

But just looking at the two devices, you can see a major difference: While Logitech’s controller only comes with a directional pad, four face buttons and two bumper buttons, Moga’s controller adds two analog pads and an extra pair of triggers on top.

Still, Logitech’s controller appears to be the svelter of the two, with the apparent goal of letting you slip the whole thing into your pocket. (It’ll have to be a deep pocket, though, as the PowerShell measures almost eight inches long.)

If you’re hoping for a different kind of design–something like Moga’s Android controllers, for instance–apparently that’s not going to happen. According to Polygon, Apple is requiring controllers to be designed with the phone in the middle so users can still easily touch the screen. And as far as button configurations go, the two setups used by Moga and Logitech are all that’s allowed.

Both controllers are available now through the Apple Store, and Logitech’s PowerShell will also be sold through Best Buy. I’m hoping to get some hands-on time with one or both controllers soon.