Exterminate! New Google Doodle Is a Playable 8-Bit Doctor Who Game

Doodle is in celebration of the series' 50th anniversary

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Doctor Who fans, hop in your TARDIS and set coordinates for New Zealand. Why? It’s already got Friday’s Google Doodle, a playable Who-themed 8-bit game:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 9.13.33 PM

Google New Zealand

The game has six levels, one for every letter in “Google.” The idea is simple: Pick your favorite incarnation of the Doctor (the Ninth for this writer) and navigate various obstacles (Daleks, for example) to grab the level’s Google letter. Then, make your way safely back to the TARDIS to move on to the next level. You’re being timed, so…allons-y!

Google’s interactive doodle is in celebration of the series’ 50th anniversary. The BBC is set to air the show’s highly anticipated anniversary special, “Day of the Doctor,” Saturday night around the world. Looking for more Who? Check out this mini-episode, “Night of the Doctor,” meant as a prequel to Saturday’s special: