Save a Click: Google Rolls Out No-Hands Voice Search Feature

Less clicking, more searching.

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If you use Google’s Chrome web browser from a computer (remember computers?), you can now install an extension that’ll let you search Google with just your voice.

Granted, you’ve been able to search Google with just your voice for some time now, but you’ve needed to click a microphone icon in the search box first. Clicking? What are we, animals?! Did we lose a war?

To get started, install this Google Chrome extension and then head on over to Once there, say, “Okay, Google,” followed by whatever you want to search for. It’s the day before a long holiday weekend where you’ll be spending time with your extended family, so I can only assume you’ll start off with, “Okay, Google: How do I tell my cousin I am in love with her when there are so many people around?” Something like that, right?


Google releases “OK Google” Chrome extension for hands-free voice search on the desktop []