This Dongle Adds the PlayStation 4’s Best Feature to the Xbox One

Device claims to let you use Sony's DualShock 4 controller with Microsoft's Xbox One.

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You managed to procure a shiny new Xbox One, you’re not looking back (or in the other direction at those other, lesser systems), you’re perfectly delighted with Microsoft’s revamped controller, and yet…that PS4 dual-thingamajig sure looks tempting, no? Wouldn’t it be swell if you could use Sony’s new touch-sensitive, luminescent gamepad with the Xbox One, you know, just as an option?

This dongle may answer your guilty prayers and then some: CronusMAX claims to let you use an old Xbox 360 controller as well as Sony’s DualShock 3 or 4, a PS3 or Xbox 360 joystick, a Wii U Pro controller or Wiimote, or a keyboard and mouse with the Xbox One.

The Xbox enthusiasts at Team Xecuter are a little grumpy about anyone calling this a mod, for understandable reasons: modding usually means fiddling with the system itself, which can void your warranty. This actually lives between your gamepad and console, though CronuxMax isn’t helping by describing the part in a bullet point with the words “fully modded controller.” But whatever, we’re fussing over semantics, so long as no actual modding’s occurring. Call it a Programmable Intermediary Whatchamacallit for all I care — the point is, it reportedly lets you do stuff you couldn’t before, and might actually want to.

It’ll cost a fair bit, of course — $60 from any of the partner retailers — and there’s reason to be concerned a patch could nerf (temporarily or otherwise) compatibility. But if you’re a gambler, it looks like there’s a new game in town.