If Apple Made a Laptop Desk, It Would Probably Look Like This

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Know how you can tell if someone has a good idea for a product? If that someone asks for $6,500 worth of funding on Kickstarter and raises well over $100,000 instead.

That’s what happened to Nathan Mummert, who designed the Slate Mobile AirDesk.

To describe it in words is to tell the tale of a handcrafted bamboo slab with holes in it to permit airflow, a built-in mouse pad and a slot for docking your smartphone or small tablet. It looks better than it sounds, with a very Apple-esque minimalist flair to it. You can choose one of three mousepad colors and opt for a left-hand or right-hand configuration.

The Slate will be shipping in mid-January and is currently listed at $98 (down from $130). It’s not cheap, in other words, but if you’ve been looking for a solid laptop desk to use while sitting on the couch or by the pool, you might have just found it.

Slate Mobile AirDesk [iSkelter via OhGizmo!]