Apple Releases ‘Best of 2013’ iTunes Music, Movies, Apps and More

Candy Crush showcases the raw power of in-app purchases.

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The most annoying thing about Apple’s “Best of 2013” iTunes lists is that the whole package seems to only be available in iTunes, so you’ll have to set aside an afternoon to wait for iTunes to load up in order to see everything.

After that, though, there’s an interesting mish-mash of the best music, apps, movies, books, TV shows and podcasts. And “best” means that there are some editors’ choice awards alongside lists of the top downloads and moneymakers.

You can see the entire package here, although remember you’ll need to use iTunes. Apps are in our wheelhouse, so here’s a look at what’s what on that front.

Editors’ choice for iPhone App of the Year goes to language-learning app Duolingo, with VSCO Cam and Endless Alphabet taking runner-up spots. The iPhone Game of the Year goes to Ridiculous Fishing, with DEVICE 6 and Plants vs. Zombies 2 taking the runner-up spots.

The editors’ choice for iPad App of the Year goes to Disney Animated, with Traktor DJ and WWF Together taking the runner-up spots. iPad Game of the Year goes to BADLAND, with XCOM: Enemy Unknown and IMPOSSIBLE ROAD taking the runner-up spots.

So those are the subjective winners. As for the by-the-numbers winners on both iPhone and iPad, Minecraft – Pocket Edition takes home the top-selling app. And wouldn’t you know it? Candy Crush Saga takes home the top free app AND the top grossing app. Never underestimate the power of in-app purchases, kids.