Samsung Is Selling a TV Bigger Than Your Bed for $150,000

And you thought 4K was expensive before.

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If Samsung’s $40,000 TV wasn’t expensive enough for you, the company has just launched an even larger television for nearly four times the price.

On Monday, Samsung began selling a 4K TV (that’s a resolution of 3840-by-2160) with a 110-inch screen. Samsung says it’s roughly as large as a king-sized bed. The price, according to the Associated Press, is roughly $152,000.

Earlier this year, Samsung began selling an 85-inch 4K TV for $40,000, prompting some hilarious mock reviews on Amazon.

While¬†you might think that Samsung’s 110-inch TV is the world’s most expensive television, it’s been topped before. Panasonic sells a 152-inch 4K television for a half-million dollars, and C Seed offers an outdoor television with a retractable 201-inch screen for $655,000. (Some luxury TVs drive up their prices with diamond studs, but that’s cheating in my book.)

For now, Samsung’s 110-inch TV is only available in South Korea, but Samsung says it will eventually launch in China, the Middle East and Europe. Sorry, one-percenters, there’s no word on a U.S. launch.