CES Roundup: 8 Celebrities Spotted on Tuesday at the Vegas Gadget Show

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If there’s one thing celebrities love, it’s coming to Las Vegas in early January to pander to 150,000 lanyard-wearing geeks at a tech conference. Here’s who made the trek out here to liven up the various Tuesday keynotes.


Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Saturday Night Live‘s Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson made an appearance at the Yahoo keynote. Thompson was dressed as Al Sharpton for some reason, but we can all agree that his best character is DeAndre Cole. Hands down, DeAndre Cole.


Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Katie Couric also appeared at the Yahoo keynote, which is fitting considering she works there now. Sadly, the apparatus on Couric’s right wrist is NOT a smartwatch. It’s just jewelry that doesn’t beep or connect to anything wirelessly.


Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Comedian Sarah Silverman appeared at the Cisco keynote in front of what can only be a giant box of laundry detergent called The Internet of Everything.


Ethan Miller / Getty Images

This guy at the Sony keynote might not look like much of a celebrity — no faux Katie Couric smartwatch here — but if you’re a Breaking Bad nut, you owe him. Big time. His name is Vince Gilligan. Look him up.


Ethan Miller / Getty Images

This is John Legend performing at the Yahoo keynote. Look at the size of that keyboard he’s typing on!


Earl Gibson III / Getty Images

Hey, what’re you up to, Swizz Beats? “Oh, not much. Just sitting in a $4.5-million Lamborghini. What kind of car do you have, Doug? Oh, the bus? Cool. Cool.”


And speaking of cars, Christopher Llyod showed up in full Back to the Future mode, DeLorean and all. Then guitars were introduced into the equation because, hey, why not? If it doesn’t work out, just go back in time and try the entrance and photo op again.

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