Like Your E-Reader, but for Telling Time: Here’s an Enormous E Ink Clock

It's big, I tell ya.

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Doug Aamoth / TIME

If you’re anything like me, any time you use a Kindle, you think to yourself, “You know what this e-reader needs? To have its screen blown up really big and turned into a wall clock.”

Well, friend, our prayers have finally been answered. Twelve24, an offshoot of E Ink — the company whose name has become synonymous with sunlight-readable screens the world over — has built the ClockOne and is showing it off at the Vegas gadget show, CES.

It measures over three feet wide by over a foot tall, yet measures just 0.15 inches thick and weighs just over three pounds. It uses a button battery, which lasts about a year.

It’ll carry a breathtaking $500 suggested retail price and be available in September in several colors, although you can pre-order it for $400 if you want to get in on the action early.

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