Lumo Lift: Wearable Gadget Buzzes When You’re Not Sitting Up Straight

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Doug Aamoth / TIME

Look at you: all slumped over in your office chair. You look like a human banana, if I’m being completely honest. That can’t be good for your back.

I can’t be around every day to use the first three sentences of a blog post to remind you to sit up straight. In that spirit, this wearable Lumo Lift doohickey can prod you to straighten yourself out any time you start slumping.

You attach it to your clothes with a magnet, and sensors inside the Lumo Lift can detect when you start buckling. At that point, you’ll get a gentle buzz to remind you to straighten up.

And because we can’t just have gadgets that don’t give us anxiety about something, Lumo Lift has a companion app that not only tracks your posture all day long, but also counts the number of steps you take and nags you to exercise more.

Back, oh, maybe five years ago, I was given this PostureTek shirt to review. It has some piping running through the back of that connects to a disc under one of the armpits. The fibers in the piping detect if you slouch, and the disc buzzes to remind you to sit up straight. The system works, but the glaring drawback is that it only works with this one shirt. The Lumo Lift can achieve a similar effect, and it works with all your shirts.

It’ll be available in the spring, with pre-order pricing currently sitting at $69. Retail versions will eventually be priced at $99.

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