5 Unique Photo Books You Can Create Online

If you want something unique, something that's more than just another book of photos, you have to dig a little deeper.

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There are a multitude of photo book services that will turn your digital images into high-quality hard-cover and paperback books. But if you want something unique, something that’s more than just another book of photos, you have to dig a little deeper. We’ve taken a look at numerous photo book providers to find the most interesting options out there.

Facebook Photo Book from Blurb



If you’re already posting photos to Facebook, why not use Blurb to easily convert them into a printed photo album? Blurb’s Facebook Photo Book lets you select images from what you and your friends already have on Facebook—just pick the photos you want to use along with any comments you want to commemorate.

Making your own photo book doesn’t get easier—a Facebook Photo Album can be put together in as little as 15 minutes.

Format: 7 x 7 inch book with 20+ pages, softcover or hardcover

Price: Starts at $12.99 for softcover, $25.99 for hardcover

Milestone Birthday Book from Shutterfly



Shutterfly has a vast library of templates to help you put together any kind of photo book you want, but we think the Milestone Birthday Book is an ideal birthday photo album.

Fill the album with photos from childhood forward, with specially formatted pages to capture graduations, weddings, and other big events alongside fun trivia like the most popular song of the year.

It’s an album that’s sure to be memorable!

Format: 8 x 11 inch book with 20+ pages, hardcover

Price: Starts at $44.98

Accordion Brag Book from Pinhole Press


Pinhole Press

If you’re looking for a brag book to show off photos of the kids, these accordian-style books from Pinhole Press are nicely made—and are a great size and format for carrying around a few family photos. Each book has a hard cover, bound in colorful cloth and held closed with a ribbon. Inside you’ll find a single sheet of paper that unfolds to reveal eight photos of your choosing.

Format: 3.5 x 5 inches, holds eight full-page photos, hardcover

Price: Starts at $24.99

Expandable Photo Book from Kolo



The design of Kolo’s photo books makes it easy to add, remove, or rearrange pages later—so you can start your photo album now and you can order new pages, printed with your photos, as you need to add to it. The style of these books is simple but certainly elegant, with a hard, clothbound cover featuring a single photo on the front and photos printed on matte or gloss paper inside.

Also nice are Kolo’s lay-flat pages, which upgrade the cost, but lay completely flat when opened instead of curving and distorting your photos.

Format: 8.5 x 11 inches with 20+ pages, hardcover

Price: Starts at $49 for standard pages, $69 for lay-flat pages

Wood-Cover Baby Shower Book from Memories for Life



If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a DIY aesthetic, Etsy is the place to go. We especially like these personalized books with wooden covers from Memories for Life, which would be ideal ways to commemorate a specific event—like the baby shower this book is designed for.

Decide what you want the cover to say, then your paper color and interior design—pages can be blank, lined, or have tabs to hold photos—and then fill it with your own photographs after the event. The final product is the perfect keepsake!

Format: 4.8 x 6.8 inches with 30 to 50 pages, hardcover

Price: $30

Still not sure what to get? For more customization options, check out Shutterfly’s endless array of templates, use Blurb to create a completely customized book of your own—or browse Etsy for book options limited only by the imaginations of the crafting community. And if you’re a Mac user, iPhoto is a great choice.

Whatever book you choose, you really can’t go wrong by preserving memories in any of these gorgeous photo books.

This article was written by Elizabeth Harper and originally appeared on Techlicious.
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