Not a Shocker: Sprint Axes Its Early Upgrade Program

Will AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon be next?

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Back in September, Sprint was the last of the big U.S. wireless carriers to offer an option allowed to let early-adopter types upgrade their smartphones at an abnormally rapid clip, with a plan it called One Up. And now, just four months later, it’s the first to end its offer, the Verge’s Aaron Souppouris reports:

Customers looking to discover more about One Up are now being informed that it was retired January 9th, and invited to check out the carrier’s new “Framily” plan, which encourages users to link their accounts with friends’ to save money.

As my colleague Jared Newman wrote when Sprint announced One Up, the proposition it offered was the best of the early-upgrade bunch. If it wasn’t palatable enough to consumers to be worth Sprint’s effort, I have a hard time believing that the rival offers from other carriers — all of which are convoluted and costly — will be around for all that long.