Smart Scale Promises the Perfect Drink: Technology FINALLY Delivers Something Useful

Clearly we've reached the pinnacle of human ingenuity.

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This is the Perfect Drink by Brookstone, a $70 smart scale that connects to your phone or tablet (Android or iOS).

You put your glass down on the scale, and the scale’s app tells you how much of each liquid and ice to pour into your drink. If you overpour one of the liquids, the app will readjust the amounts of the remaining liquids on the fly.

You can also adjust the serving sizes to accommodate deadbeat friends that show up unannounced, swapping out a glass for a pitcher — the scale can handle up to 8.8 pounds. You can also tell the app which types of booze you have on-hand and it’ll return only recipes that can be made with said booze.

Clearly we’ve reached the pinnacle of human ingenuity with this one, folks. Technology moves in small steps and giant leaps; this one here is a giant leap that won’t be out-leapt for decades.


The Perfect Drink by Brookstone [Vat19]