Google Play Movies and TV Shows Now Available (to Watch) on iPhone and iPad

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Shots… sort of… fired!

Movies and TV shows you’ve purchased from the Google Play store can now be watched on portables bearing an Apple logo, as reported by Engadget.

The key word is “watched,” as Google has sidestepped Apple’s 30% finder’s fee for in-app purchases by requiring you to browse and buy the content elsewhere – from your computer or Android device, for instance – then hopping back into the Google Play Movies & TV iOS app to watch that content once you own it. Amazon does a similar end-around with its Kindle and Instant Video apps for iOS, as do other purveyors of goods tangible and intangible.

The app sports the Chromecast button, so if you’ve one of those $35 TV smarteners, you’re all set up for streaming.

Google Play Movies & TV [iTunes via Engadget]