Now We’re Talkin’: RBI Baseball to Be Resurrected Soon

Just charge me once and be done with it, though, please.

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The good news: RBI Baseball is coming back after a 19-year hiatus. The bad news: RBI Baseball is coming back after a 19-year hiatus.


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Something tells me that this game – which will be available sometime this spring on consoles, tablets and smartphones – won’t be the same Nintendo-thumb-inducing brouhaha I remember from 1988. Nor should it be: that was the first game in a series that ran into the mid-’90s, and the Minnesota Twins of the original game look nothing like the Minnesota Twins of today. I’d only play as the Twins, of course.

My biggest apprehension with this new version is not that it’ll include a bunch of weird features and power-ups that the original didn’t have (it probably will, and I’ll probably wish it was simpler), but more that it’ll be cheap or free at the expense of a bunch of in-app purchases – for the mobile versions, at least.

Back in my day, we paid for a game once and that was that. But I’m a tired old man in his mid-thirties with a mortgage and a small child. I’m in my sunset years. As a great character from a TV show that’s been on the air since well before you were born once said: Don’t cry for me; I’m already dead.

Anyway, hooray for RBI Baseball coming back.

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