Facebook Rolls Out Trending Topics

Users will see trending items on their Newsfeed, but without Twitter-style hashtags

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Facebook is rolling out a feature that will provide you with a list of topics trending across the web, it announced on its website Thursday.

The module, which will show up on the top right-hand of users’ News Feed, doesn’t use the Twitter-style hashtags. Instead, the module will offer you three topics, each with a headline from a related news story. Click on the headline and you end up on a page compiling content about the topic from your friends and from across Facebook.

Chris Struhar, an engineering manager at Facebook, told the New York Times that the topics that show up on your page will depend on your own interests, the authority of the people commenting on the topic, how recent the topic is, and the extent to which other Facebook users are posting about it.

The feature should be available for everyone in the United States, Canada, Britain, India and Australia within the next two weeks, the Times reports. It will show up in other countries and on the social network’s mobile app at a later date.

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