Uber Getting More Serious About Background Checks

Things are getting stricter for uberX drivers

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Uber is expanding its background check process for all U.S. drivers, the company said Wednesday.

Although the popular rideshare and private cab service middleman has always screened its drivers, some went through more extensive background checks than others. UberBLACK, UberTAXI, UberSUV, and UberLUX drivers all went through detailed checks when getting commercial licenses.

But For uberX, which provides cheaper services through private and unlicensed drivers using their own personal cars, drivers were screened through an independent company that only used the Multi-State Criminal Database. And according to Uber, not all counties participate in reporting appropriately and at times the service misses records that could only be found in a federal database. “We consider this situation unacceptable,” Uber said on its blog, promising that now uberX drivers will have more vigorous screenings.

The decision comes after an off-duty uberX driver reportedly hit and killed a six-year-old child. That raised the question of who would be held accountable if a driver was in a fatal accident while on the job.