What’s Your Lowest Super Mario Bros. Score? Watch This Guy Break the World Record

Think of it as the Limbo dance of game achievements.

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Call it overachievement through underachievement: getting the lowest score possible in Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. while at the same time completing it.

YouTube maverick NotEntirelySure seems to have done just that, and he offers the video above (noticed by Kotaku) as testimony — a start-to-finish gallop through Nintendo’s most famous platformer using warp points to skip around and finish the game in a little less than nine minutes, with a paltry 500 points. Rock bottom high-five!

NotEntirelySure, or let’s just call him NES (get it?), claims he did the trick without cheating, though he croaks once attempting a world 8-1 wall jump (see 3:09 — he makes it at 3:58), so let’s call it the record for the-lowest-point-run-while-dying-once. He also says that 500 points is the lowest possible score anyone can get in the game without continuing. I’ll take him at his word.

NES holds the previous record (with no deaths, so I guess still best in that category) of 600 points, which he video-posted to YouTube in July 2011.