Twitch, a PlayStation 4 Pillar, Is Finally Coming to Xbox One

Just say "Xbox, broadcast."

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Sony’s made a lot of noise about the PlayStation 4’s live broadcasting prowess, in particular the option to click the DualShock 4’s “Share” button and insta-beam whatever you’re up to — along with picture-in-picture video of you in your comfy chair doing it — to the masses via services like Twitch and Ustream.

Microsoft’s Xbox One, by contrast, has been a live-streaming stick in the mud since launch, letting players stand at the window looking in at services like Twitch, or upload game clips for after-the-fact viewing, but that’s about it.

No more: Twitch broadcasting is finally coming to Xbox One on March 11, which, not coincidentally, is the day Titanfall launches. All you have to do to make the magic happen is download and install the Twitch app, then say “Xbox, broadcast” when you want to kick off a stream (or, alternatively, launch one from within the Twitch app itself).

What’s more, Twitch says the Xbox One version will be “enhanced,” supporting chat, following and notifications, allowing you to position the webcam PIP in any screen corner, letting you “interact with broadcasters using the most lines of chat available on a console,” and notifying your Xbox friends when you initiate a broadcast (it sounds like you can control what you see with a “favorites” list).