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It’s Official: The iPhone 4 Comes To Verizon In Early February

After years of speculation, Verizon announced it will carry the iPhone during a special press conference in New York City. In early February, the company will offer the the iPhone 4 to its customers. It will run on Verizon’s 3G network, despite the company’s recent extensive marketing campaign for its 4G LTE network.

“If the press …

5 E-Readers For 2011

At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, e-readers were still a venerable showcase, and manufactures were out in full force to show off upcoming devices. Though big names like Kindle and Nook still rule the e-reader market, convergence devices (i.e. tablets) featuring snazzy e-reader apps are biting at the industry’s heels. While big …

CES: No iPhone, But 10 New 4G Devices From Verizon

Rumors of a possible iPhone agreement may have fallen flat once again, but Verizon Wireless did announce its new line of 4G LTE service-enabled mobile devices – 10 in all – to be released by mid-year 2011.

At a special press conference today, Verizon rolled out the new Android devices, including four smartphones, two tablets, two …

CES: Voice Control Comes To Mustang With Ford SYNC Phone App

Ford announced Wednesday that it’s 2012 line of Mustangs would all come with its SYNC software system pre-installed, allowing drivers to control their entertainment consoles via the voice activation software of their smartphone with the SYNC Applink phone app.

At first, the set up seems deceptively simple: Just plug your phone into …

Estonia Considers a Nerd Draft to Staff Cyber Army

In 2007, the Baltic republic of Estonia was blindsided by a series of large-scale cyber attacks, crippling the country’s government, financial and media online networks – the world’s first cyberwar. Eventually the origins of the denial of service (DDoS) assaults were traced to Russia, which has led the country to create a Cyber …

New Year’s Resolution: A Savvier Facebook Profile

With Facebook’s ever-evolving profile, sometimes it seems simpler to leave your profile information untouched than update it, even if your fondness for The Amazing Race has seriously dwindled over the last few years. Still, your online identity could be in serious need of some readjustments.

As Facebook profiles are now considered a …

The Top 25 Nerds Of The Year

Was 2010 the year geek became chic? Tough to make a case against it — Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was on the silver screen, deep-space tech bailed out some caved-in miners, and Julian Assange became the pallid rogue who kept governments guessing. But they weren’t alone: Techland takes a look back on the top 25 nerds of the year.

New Year’s Resolution: Improve Your Tech Etiquette

Love social media? Great. But what about social reality?

You might feel the need to tweet about having dinner “W/ my bestest” but consider the potential animosity that may be silently shooting your way from across the table. Face it: Our attachment to our mobile devices has hit an extreme, so much so that a Pew survey revealed …

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