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Carbone is a viral video fanatic and gadget connoisseur. He writes for NewsFeed about society, culture and technology -- and the celebrity du jour. Get in touch at

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Will ‘Like’ become the New Paywall?

The question’s becoming as hackneyed as holding a piece of newsprint in your hands: How do you monetize online journalism while keeping your readership? Enter the New York Times’, whose paywall just went up March 28th to convince online loyalists to shell out cash for a look at the Gray Lady.

The New Yorker is also testing out a

Calling for RIM’s Downfall? Not So Fast.

The Playbook won’t reach mainstream consumers until April 19, a solid three weeks away, but RIM’s already getting slammed for their initial foray into tablet-dom. Analysts are concerned with the company’s giddy enthusiasm over the Playbook’s launch–can the device even make a splash in an iPad-dominated world? But even if the …

AT&T Cracks Down on Unofficial Tethering

Once upon a time, jailbreaking our iPhones allowed us to be blissfully free from the clutches of Apple and AT&T’s official regulations. We used our data plans the way we wanted to, even if that included sharing it with our laptops and iPads. (All of this is rhetorical, of course. We would never actually do such a thing.)

But now it …

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