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Chris writes for TIME's Techland, where he covers the web, iOS apps, disruptive ideas and the occasional gadget. He's prone to type "lol" without actually laughing.

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Study: Thermal Imaging Could Be Used to Hack ATM Codes

It sounds like something from an adrenaline-pumping spy thriller. You know, like Spy Kids 3-D.

A new study from researchers at the University of California, San Diego, posits that thermal imaging cameras can be used to capture the residual heat left over from freshly pressed ATM keys. This strategy in particular holds one pretty …

App of the Week: ESPN Fantasy Football 2011

For some people—like my roommates—fantasy football is as much a part of autumn as the leaves changing color.

It means lazy Sundays spent doing little more than plopping down in front of the tube, washing down Digiorno with whatever beer’s on sale that week while compulsively checking your team after every down. The dedication and …

Google Explores Utilizing +1s as Search Rank Factor

Google’s almighty search algorithm is one of our generation’s most heavily guarded secrets. Like the recipe for Coke before it, it’s been instrumental to the company’s ongoing success, even in the wake of a growing number of competitors like Bing or a favorite around here, Duck Duck Go.

That’s not to say that the algorithm’s perfect. …

Are Web-Only ‘Chromebooks’ the Ideal Computers for Education?

The first computer I ever used in a classroom was the Apple II. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Hogan, would line us all up against a wall before walking the class over to the computer lab, a rusty bungalow tucked away in a dark corner of the school.

It was in that lab—which my elementary school shuttled us back-and-forth to for five …

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