Doug Aamoth

Aamoth handles tech-related news, reviews, how-to's and videos as an editor at TIME. He lives in Boston and has spent around 20 years in the tech industry.

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How To Cobble Together a Portable Emulation System

I show you how to download and setup MESS, the “Multi Emulator Super System” with over 400 different system emulators, load up your favorite classic video games, and copy everything to a USB stick or memory card for use on just about any PC in the world. It’s pocketable nostalgia at it’s finest: easy, cheap, and plentiful.

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Video Review: eStarling WiFi Photo Frame, Starring Twitter

Because you should never, ever, ever be more than 15 feet away from Twitter at any given time, the $200 eStarling TouchConnect digital photo frame provides yet another way to keep up with the mindless goings-on of your favorite internet celebrities.

I bet you’re expecting me to plug my own Twitter feed here. Well, I won’t. It’s not …

Review: Broadband2Go For Your Mobile Internet Needs

At $60 per month and a two-year contract, mobile broadband internet access from the likes of T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint isn’t exactly cheap. But Virgin Mobile offers prepaid 3G mobile internet access without a contract.

Sure, your $60 doesn’t get you as much as you’d get with a monthly plan (1GB on Virgin Mobile versus 5GB …

A Simple Way to Scan Your Photos

Scanning things isn’t exactly rocket science but if you’ve ever owned a scanner, I bet you’ve had friends and family members drop off stacks of old photos for you to “just scan real quick!”

And if you really got down to the heart of the matter, you might find that the reason regular people don’t scan their own photos is either pure …

Cyber Clean Goop De-Cruddifies Your Keyboard

Look down at your keyboard right now. Like, really closely.

If it’s more than six months old, you’ll probably notice a bunch of crumbs and gunk in between the keys. There are a few tried and true methods for cleaning your keyboard, like putting it in the dishwasher or using a little Q-tip to scrub between each individual key.

The …

High-Quality Skype Calls on the Cheap

Normally when I catch wind of a product that promises to be “enhanced for this” or “optimized for that” I chalk it up to marketing spin and assume it’ll be priced higher than it should be with the hopes of duping casual consumers into buying it. Such was the case with the Freetalk Everyman Headset for Skype, a product that promises …

Virtual Console Classics vs. WiiWare Remixes

One of the best aspects of the Nintendo Wii is the ability to download old-school NES games for $5 a pop. But a trend’s been emerging lately; some classic old franchises are making their way into the WiiWare downloads section, a section that’s normally reserved for games from independent developers and shorter titles from well-known game …

Reviewing the Vue Personal Video Network

The Vue Personal Video Network is a $299 wireless video surveillance system that’s easy to install and use. You get a base station that hooks into your router, two small cameras, and four magnetic mounting bases that can be affixed to a wall or ceiling with adhesive, screws, or nails.

If simplicity’s what you’re after, you’ll … a320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator Review

Think back to your childhood. If you were a geek who was born in the late ’70s like I was, what are some of your most cherished memories? Riding your bike? Maybe a little. Thanksgiving in Fargo? Absolutely not. Nintendo Entertainment System, SEGA Master System, SEGA Genesis, and Super Nintendo? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

For many …

Testing Out the WikiReader

The $99 WikiReader is a divisive device. Smartphone owners will scoff in disbelief at the sheer audacity of a non-connected portable with a black and white screen that displays text-only Wikipedia entries. “What’s to be done with this WikiReader?!!” they’ll cry out, iPhones brandished and ready to download an infinite number of advanced …

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