Erica Ho

Erica Ho was previously a reporter for TIME in Hong Kong where she wrote about tech, pop culture and Asian international affairs. Before that, she was at Gizmodo, Lifehacker and AOL. She now currently runs Map Happy, a travel blog.

Articles from Contributor

Google Begins Testing Google Music, Hints at Launch

According to CNET, Google’s finally testing Google Music internally. Does this mean the launch is imminent? Perhaps.

As always, Google employees get first dibs on trying it out, and it’s sounding like it could still be some time before the public has a go. Which begs the question why, after all this time, Google music still hasn’t …

Twitter Says It Won’t Ignore China Forever

Twitter’s Biz Stone says that one day, the company might have to deal with China regarding its policy on censorship. That doesn’t mean the company is ready to take action just yet, though.

Along with LinkedIn, Facebook and other web services, Twitter is just one of many websites blocked to the Chinese populace through what’s …

Rejected iPhone Radiation App Gets Released Anyways

If radiation gives you the heebie jeebies, it’s a bit too late to panic, because all cell phones emit radiation. You still might want to pay your respects to tawkon, though, a company that recently developed an iPhone app to measure the radiation coming through when you’re yapping away.

Unfortunately, it’s not where you’d …

Color: A Social-Networking Phone App That Connects to People Around You

Word to the wise: This app is not for people who can’t handle Foursquare. But if you can get past sharing your location to the world (and love to tweet and Facebook with rabid enthusiasm), Color, a social-network-slash-phone-app, is an interesting social network that’s designed to meet people.

Color is basically a smartphone …

WordPress Blogs Play Nice, Become Beautiful on the iPad

Eighteen million WordPress blogs just started looking better. Yesterday, WordPress revealed a new feature, optimizing it for the iPad. Like a magazine, readers can flip back and forth through posts with ease.

The whole thing is powered by HTML 5, using Onswipe. Just like like you’d expect it to, the whole thing utilizes the iPad’s …

Yahoo Launches Real-Time Search Results

Yahoo is launching “Search Direct,” and if you know what “Google Instant” does, you’ll understand the two concepts instantly. Very similar to the Google service, Yahoo’s Search Direct will return an instant, real-time answer to a search query before you can even hit “Enter.”

The feature is already live at

Robbed Victim Posts Video of Laptop Thief Dancing Online

Is this a victory dance? After being identified as a thief, and having this embarrassing video posted online, I think not.

Fortunately, Mark Bao, an 18-year-old student at Bentley University in Massachusetts, knows his way around a computer. When his MacBook Air was stolen, he discovered he could still access several his hard drive …

Report Says iOS Update Due in Just Two Weeks

Seems like iPhone users just got iOS 4.3? Yeah, that’s because they just did. However, according to Boy Genius Report, Apple may be pushing out the next update, 4.3.1, in as little as two weeks. It’s a minor update to fix some issues with the most recent update.

A lot of the issues are to fix issues with the recently released iPad …

So Will the AT&T and T-Mobile Deal Get Approved?

There’s always that one catch before the merger goes live. Before AT&T gets to play Frankenstein with T-Mobile, the deal will, thankfully, have to pass through the FCC and the Justice Department first. No one can forecast what’s going to happen, but if the deal falls through, a lot more happens than T-Mobile getting to keep its …

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