Erica Ho

Erica Ho was previously a reporter for TIME in Hong Kong where she wrote about tech, pop culture and Asian international affairs. Before that, she was at Gizmodo, Lifehacker and AOL. She now currently runs Map Happy, a travel blog.

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Oregon Lets Disabled Citizens Vote by iPad

America has had problems with voter turnout, but now Oregon is trying to help close that gap by letting its residents vote by iPad. This, my friends, is no time to play Angry Birds with Herman Cain.

Disabled voters in five Oregon counties are getting a serious taste of the future as officials integrate the devices into local …

Disney Strikes a Video Deal with YouTube

Can’t beat ’em? Join them. Disney and YouTube have reportedly struck a deal that helps both companies gain better traction in the online market.

The two companies have agreed to spend a combined $10-15 million producing an original video series that will be distributed on a co-branded channel on Disney and YouTube. Disney, who will be …

Apple Confirms Battery Issues for Some iOS 5-Enabled iPhones

Hold your horses before you update that phone. If you’re considering downloading Apple’s latest and greatest mobile software (specifically, iOS 5), you may want to rethink that for a second. Apple has admitted that some bugs are causing battery issues with certain iPhone models.

Some customers are finding that their iPhones are

Microsoft Releasing ‘Mango’ Update for All Windows Phones

Get a slice of this news. If you want to get a taste of Mango, Windows is offering some all around. Microsoft announced yesterday that Windows Phone 7.5 (also known as Mango; what’s up with all of these food names by the way?) would be pushed out to every phone, regardless of carrier.

Well, every phone but three, which includes the …

Smartphones, Beware: Apple Patents Slide-to-Unlock Feature

The Apple patent war is going to get a little nastier. We’ve all heard about the patent wars between Apple and Samsung, but Apple now owns the “slide to unlock” patent, available on smartphones almost everywhere.

In particular, Android devices—phones and tablets alike—are running the risk of being sued by Apple for patent …

Google+ Will Soon Offer Pseudonyms, Anonymity

Time for the fake Lady Gagas to come out of the wood work. At a Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and SVP of Social Business Vic Gundotra dropped the news that it’s okay to have “other forms of identity” on Google+.

Beyond that, they’re also getting branding pages ready, a long awaited-feature …

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