Erica Ho

Erica Ho was previously a reporter for TIME in Hong Kong where she wrote about tech, pop culture and Asian international affairs. Before that, she was at Gizmodo, Lifehacker and AOL. She now currently runs Map Happy, a travel blog.

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Why Does Apple Only Spend 2% of Its Money on R&D?

You read that right. While big corporations like Microsoft and Google shell out around 15% of their revenue to internal research and development labs, Apple spends only 2.2% to creating new and innovative concepts.

Strangely enough, not only does Apple spend just a small percentage of its revenue to devoting itself to innovate and …

Don’t Forget to Leave Your Facebook Password In Your Will

Add this one to the battle of the wills: In addition to Johnny and Susie squabbling over their mother’s assets and who gets the antique rug, they may also have to decide what who gets her Facebook password.

According to survey conducted by Goldsmiths at the University of London, one in 10 people in the U.K. are now leaving their …

Steve Jobs’ Sartorial Rationale Behind the Turtleneck

He was famous for it, and sales soared in the days following his death. Jobs’ signature look was unmistakable: a black mock turtleneck, paired with some Levi 501 jeans.

Though St. Croix, who makes the famous turtlenecks, is reaping the profits, Jobs’ rationale behind his simple and effortless attire can be attributed to a …

Are Texting Apps a Real Threat to Wireless Carriers?

Apple is poised to introduce iMessage – essentially “free text messaging” – in iOS 5. Is it the end of the text message as we know it? Perhaps, but not quite yet.

The thought of an app on your phone that lets you communicate with others for free, sans antiquated text message, is thrilling. While it may not be time to ditch your …

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Are Now Available Online

Before Steve Jobs passed away, he lived to see the fifth incarnation of the iPhone unveiled. While Jobs may never see the legacy of the iPhone 4S and future versions play out, the iPhone 4S is now available for pre-order.

The device won’t actually ship out or go on sale in retail stores until a week from now on October 14. As we’ve

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