Evan Narcisse

If you need help and if you can find him, Evan Narcisse is a professional nerd-for-hire. After an awkward adolescence, he’s gone on to write about video games, comic books and pop culture for Essence, AOL, the Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly and Crispy Gamer. Beyond Good & Evil is one of his favorite games ever and he listens to the soundtrack from REZ just about once a week.

Articles from Contributor

Metro 2033 Review: Notes from the Underground

Sometimes, the best sci-fi ideas find their roots in the real world. Take the setting of THQ’s new first-person shooter Metro 2033. Moscow’s Metro public transportation system was not only built to serve the purpose of ferrying people around a big city; it was also built to shelter citizens in case of nuclear attack. So, the game’s …

Just Cause 2 Review: Get Yourself Hooked Up

At first, Just Cause 2 seems like it’s barely evolved beyond its 2006 predecessor, which itself was just another GTA clone. It’s an sandbox-style game with a solo protagonist who uses his martial talents to reset the status quo of the game world. You’ll see a lot of familiar open-world mechanics in Just Cause 2: the attention …

[REDACTED]: Once More Unto the “Breach”

Atomic Games, best remembered for the controversy that led the cancellation of Six Days in Falluljah, just revealed the first scant details about their new game Breach. The best bet is that it’ll be a shooter focusing on the same kind of politically charged situations that Atomic Games’ last game was supposed to touch on.

The …

The Techland Interview: Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime

While at GDC, Techland was lucky enough to get a one-on-one interview with Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America. As we talked about his take on the threat of Playstation Move, Reggie showed off a little bit of the swagger that’s made him a sometime-controversial figure in the games business. We also discussed why and when …

GDC 2010: Enjoyed and Annoyed

I’m finally back in the saddle after a week in lovely San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. GDC’s always a lot to take in but here are the things that made the deepest impressions on me.

Biggest Surprise:


I’m not much of a sports gamer, but I went to EA Sports’ event last Tuesday to find out just what the …

GDC 2010: Hands-On with Metroid: Other M

Even if she was just a bunch of crude pixels when she debuted in Metroid, Samus Aran’s gone on to become of gaming’s most iconic characters. She was one of the medium’s first female personas and has starred in some of the best action titles in every generation of game hardware. Her newest adventure reveals more about the bounty …

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