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Google Zaps Rogue Android Apps

A rogue developer managed to lure thousands of Android users into downloading dodgy malware for their mobile devices.

Google acted fast and axed the account run by developer Myournet, also taking steps to remove its 21 stolen applications from users’ phones via a built-in “back door” system put there for just such an …

Twitter Scam Hooks at Least 10,000

At least 10,000 Twitter users fell for a scam that spread like wildfire across the social networking site early today.

Quick action by link shortening service – as well as thousands of people retweeting warnings – brought the scam attack under control in a few hours.

Graham Cluley of security company Sophos raised the alarm

Shoefitr: Perfect Fit for Online Shoe Shopping?

Buying shoes over the web is rather like running your first marathon: painful.

The problem with buying shoes (or any kind of clothing) online is that you can’t be certain that they will fit.

The result is a lot of trial-and-error, and millions of dollars spent every year shipping returned goods (and their replacements) between …

What Happens If Apple’s Lead Designer Moves to London?

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Giles Turnbull, a technology writer in the UK.

The thing that’s got Apple-watchers all hot and bothered today is the speculation around the rumor surrounding the gossip over the single newspaper article that suggests that Jonathan Ive, Apple’s lead designer, might – or might …

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