Graeme McMillan

Born in a crossfire hurricane in the Scotland of the 1970s, Graeme was raised on a diet of comics, Doctor Who and gritty life on the streets just like in Trainspotting. Escaping to the US and life as a writer in 2002, he has written for Time, Wired, Playboy and the Hollywood Reporter, amongst many other places.

Articles from Contributor

Chuck Ep. 3.17: Chuck Bartowski Is A Big Lying Liar

I don’t know what was more uncomfortable on last night’s episode of Chuck on NBC: Seeing the show (accidentally?) point out all of the flaws and plotholes in the way that the series has evolved away from its initial set-up, or watching Scott Bakula.

Okay, it’s not that Bakula’s acting is bad; it’s just that I genuinely found it hard to …

Doctor Who 5.5: The Crack, Explained – Kind Of

Not content with being one of the more enjoyable shows on television, this week’s (American) episode of Doctor Who decided to up the stakes by demonstrating why it’s one of the smartest, as well. As the Doctor’s future wife River Song would say, spoilers!

Previously, on Doctor Who: Forty-seven years of episodes, but what you really …

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