Jerry Brito

By day Jerry Brito researches tech policy and teaches law at George Mason University, and by night he develops web and iOS apps. In between he finds time to write for blogs and host a weekly tech and society podcast, Surprisingly Free.

Articles from Contributor

Is Cyberwar Real or Just Hype?

Online security risks have become increasingly prevalent with the likes of Anonymous and LulzSec continuing to expose the sorry state of corporate network security, and policymakers are clamoring to “do something” to address the threat. Unfortunately, there is a tendency in Washington to employ the rhetoric of war when talking about …

Twitter’s Super-Duper U.K. Censorship Trouble

The U.K. media is atwitter this weekend over a controversy about press gag-orders known as “super-injunctions” that have recently been disobeyed on Twitter. It’s an unlikely combination of celebrities, sex, social media, and press freedoms that has exploded into a scandal that led Twitter this week to break its U.K. traffic record …

New Emergency Alert System Comes to Your Phone

The emergency broadcast system got an upgrade today as a new text-alert system was unveiled at the World Trade Center site by the heads of the FCC and FEMA, along with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The new system, called PLAN, will allow officials to send alerts to compatible phones in the event of a national or regional emergency. It will be …

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