Keith Wagstaff

Keith Wagstaff is a writer at TIME’s Techland covering the web, robotics, and internet security and privacy. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he indulges in such analog activities as eating copious amounts of cheese and reading books made out of paper.

Articles from Contributor

Amazon Strikes Deal to Carry PBS Programming

Good news, Neil deGrasse Tyson fans: Your favorite astrophysicist and company will soon be coming to Amazon. The company announced today that it has struck a deal with PBS Distribution to bring more than 1,000 episodes of PBS shows such as NOVA, Antique Roadshow and Frontline to its Amazon Prime service.

Yes, you’ll also get the …

Smartphones Can Use Vibrations to Steal Passwords

Be careful where you type. Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a way for smartphones to pick up and interpret the vibrations made by typing on a keyboard. In theory, that means a thief could set an iPhone down next to your computer and steal your passwords or blackmail you with copies of embarrassing emails.

How does it work? …

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