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Matt Peckham is TIME's video games critic. He has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Creighton University and lives in Iowa. Drop him a line here.

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The Incredibly Cheap $100 Nintendo 3DS

You probably paid $250 for that sleek cobalt black or aqua blue Nintendo 3DS you snatched up Sunday. Now guess what Nintendo’s paying.

Try $103 and change, or less than half your bill. That’s what analyst iSuppli estimates the company’s forking over in manufacturing costs for every 3DS that rolls off the line, though cautioning the …

NASA Sinks Mars Rover 3D Camera Upgrade

It wasn’t enough to trawl the Titanic or craft the film industry’s best looking azure-blue E.T.’s, filmmaker James Cameron wanted to put a high-resolution 3D camera on NASA’s Mars rover, too.

Alas, ’tis not to be, says NASA, who admitted the zoom camera couldn’t be thoroughly tested in time for the rover’s launch later this year–a …

What’s Next for the Nintendo 3DS?

So you managed to snatch a 3DS, your eyes haven’t exploded, you’re putting it through its paces, and probably realizing, like me, that the launch lineup’s pretty stale. What next?

Hurry up and wait. Nintendo’s smack in the middle of their U.S. 3DS launch, and probably will be for the next few weeks. With nearly two dozen games already …

What Are Nintendo 3DS Buyers Saying?

After a year of promises, media events, and touring demos, the no-glasses 3D eagle has landed. The Nintendo 3DS finally debuted in the U.S. yesterday to tales of long lines, brisk sales, and roaring launch parties.

Nintendo passed around oldie blue and red cellophane 3D glasses at an official midnight launch event in Manhattan outside …

Analyst: Apple to Double Growth, Outpace IBM by 2013

Talk about a comeback. The Cupertino-based company that couldn’t make a product stick a decade and a half ago looks to become a $200 billion revenue juggernaut by the end of 2012.

That, says Forrester Research CEO George Colony, would make Apple even bigger than IBM.

Thank the rise of apps, the new hurricane force driving mobile …

Could the iPad 2 Rival Game Consoles?

It’s mobile, “magical,” capable of HD graphics, flush with games, not unreasonably priced, and we know it’s blazing fast. So what if the iPad 2 suddenly grew an option to plug into your high-definition TV and supported wireless gamepads?

Think about it. Imagine Apple slipping its Apple TV technology into the iPad. Imagine plugging it …

Iranian Government Accused in Serious Net Attack

A hacker in Iran appears to be behind an Internet attack that almost left Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Skype, and Yahoo vulnerable to impersonation. The attack was thwarted before anything catastrophic happened, but had it succeeded, the attacker would have been able to pass off web apps from any of those companies as the real …

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