Katy Steinmetz

Katy Steinmetz is a TIME reporter based in San Francisco. In addition to working on features for TIME and TIME.com, she contributes to TIME's Swampland, Healthland and NewsFeed blogs. She pens a weekly column on language called Wednesday Words and acts as impresario for political columnist Joe Klein's annual road trips.

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Apple Products at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History doesn’t have a sample of every product Steve Jobs ever touched. Their concern is with the larger picture of how technology develops and what part that subplot plays in American history. Items in the science collection span from the 11th century to the 21st, and about 130 Apple-related …

Dictionary Update: Welcome to English 2.0

As our software gets updates, so does that old-fashioned gum-flappin’ language we use to describe our techy lives. To that end, Oxford Dictionaries Online has expanded their database, giving us definitions of terms from clickjacking to bloggable.

First, a snippet of the tech-world words coming online:

bandwidth (secondary …

Kindle Update: Page Numbers, More Ways to (Over-)Share

Amazon is giving their Kindle a makeover with a little something old and lot of somethings new.

First, the throwback. The most buzz-worthy change coming in the latest update is the addition of “real” page numbers, a quiet homage to the e-reader’s predecessor. By popular demand, the 3.1 version software will display the page …

Community Wireless: Your Next Hot Hookup?

Municipal and community wireless gurus convened in Washington, D.C. this week — via old-fashioned chairs and, of course, Skype — to discuss the state of alternative Web networks. The events in Egypt, where citizens had their Internet snatched away in the wake of protests, gave them a good soapbox to stand on to suggest the embrace of …

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