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Celebrity-Tech Collaborations: A Win-Win for Both Sides

Everyone loves a celebrity endorsement: From athletic equipment to food to cars, consumers can’t turn on their televisions today without seeing someone famous being a spokesperson for a big-name product. But recently, more and more artists and entertainers are making endorsement deals with tech products — and using those opportunities …

Five Gadgets Santa Should Have

We all know Santa knows magic and that’s how he’s able to visit every kid’s house in the world on Christmas Eve, but today’s Santa might be able to make his biggest working days of the year easier by investing in some of the latest technologies.

From a translator so he can read every kid’s Christmas list to a high-tech sleigh that GE …

How a Driving Device Could Get You a Discount on Your Car Insurance

Looking for a way to be rewarded for being a cautious driver? Look no further. Progressive is giving up to a 30% discount to safe drivers through their Snapshot program.

Drivers who sign up for the program are sent a device that plugs into the on-board diagnostics port of their car. Once it’s installed, the device starts recording …

1000Memories: Dealing with Death in the Digital Age

What happens to your digital presence when you die? Companies like Facebook and Twitter have struggled to find good solutions to handling profiles of members who have passed away, but 1000memories.com has found a way to use the web to fill a void. 1000memories.com uses technology to help people come together when someone dies by letting …

PostPost: A Social Newspaper for Facebook Users

For Facebook users who don’t have time to delve into their Facebook newsfeed every day, PostPost is something you may want to give a test drive. A real-time “social newspaper,” PostPost is a web-based service created from what your friends post on Facebook, and only the latest in a series of social news aggregators. It’s kind of like

A Message from Outer Space

Today, Expedition 22 Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer has tweeted where no man has tweeted before.

Until now, NASA astronauts were emailing their tweets to ground support where personnel would help them post to their Twitter accounts. Astronauts on the International Space Station were offered a software upgrade this week that gave them …

Amazon Increases Royalty Rates for Kindle

Amazon is stepping up to the Apple plate by announcing that it will introduce a 70% royalty option program to authors and publishers.

Amazon recently announced their Digital Text Program, which it bills as “a fast and easy self-publishing tool that lets you upload and format your books for sale in the Kindle Store.”

Is it a …