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Back to the Farm: Zynga Launches FarmVille 2

At the height of the FarmVille craze, back in 2010, there were two kinds of Facebook users: those who were addicted to FarmVille, and those whose friends were addicted to FarmVille.

Zynga’s creation wasn’t the first one to let …

Is Valve Really Getting into the Hardware Biz?

By all accounts — most conspicuously its own — Valve, the PC-centric games developer that brought us games like Half-Life and Portal as well as distribution service Steam, has finally admitted it’s leaping into the PC hardware …

OnLive Launches New Company to Avoid Bankruptcy

Cloud gaming service OnLive is still live, but under new management, per a statement released Sunday night by company spokesperson Jane Anderson. The press release addressed last Friday’s rumors that the company went bankrupt and …

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