Sprint To Update HTC EVO 4G To Froyo In August

Good news, EVO 4G owners. Sprint has announced that it will be pushing out the Android 2.2 update beginning August 3 (everyone should have it by mid-August). The following new features, include:

• Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth.
• Application Storage on External Memory, giving users more storage room for all their …

HTC EVO 4G Review: Everything And The Kitchen Sink

These days every manufacturer sets out to pack everything including the kitchen sink into a device but very few actually achieve such nirvana. HTC, however, managed to cram everything and anything into the EVO 4G for Sprint.

At its core, the EVO 4G is a beast of a device, both in size and specs. The 4.3-inch 800×480 screen is …

How To: Manually Update Your Nexus One With Froyo

Attention Nexus One Owners-

Froyo has been released into the wild but the rollout, as usual, is slow, so here’s a quick way to get it up and running on your Nexus One now. If you have a rooted Nexus One then you’re going to have to wait for folks like Cyanogen to cook up a new ROM based on 2.2.

(More on Techland: Hands-on With

Android 2.1 Update Out Now For Sprint HTC Hero

Better late than never.

Sprint announced today that they would begin rolling out Android 2.1 aka Éclair for HTC Hero owners. The update brings goodies like Google Maps Navigation, enhanced corporate email support, a beefed up Sense UI and a variety of minor bug fixes.

Update your software

To update your Hero through computer

Live Blog: Sprint EVO 4G Press Conference

I’m live blogging from my phone so there won’t be any photos until later tonight.

The nerds here are getting very territorial over seats at the press conference. It’s pretty ridiculous.

What can we expect to hear from Sprint CEO Dan Hesse? My guess is pricing and availability for the EVO 4G.

Those of us at the event will be …

HTC Claims Apple Is Infringing On Five Patents

In response to Apple’s lawsuit from March, HTC has just released a press release stating that Apple is infringing on five of the Taiwanese-based company’s patents. HTC has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission asking for a dead stop on the importation of iPhones, iPods and iPads. It’s unclear which patents …

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