Sprint’s 4G LTE Network Might Appear Early Next Year

Sprint customers, rejoice! Okay, not quite yet: Sprint is due to make an announcement on October 7 that they’re adding 4G LTE services next year.

If you’re not already streaming data effortlessly, CNET reports Sprint will flip the switch early next year, and that some customers may be able to get the service as early as the end of …

Pay-per-Megabyte Internet Could Work for Infrequent Travelers

The idea of four-cents-per-megabyte 3G wireless data with no two-year contract might just be simple enough to work. And when I say “work” I mean both for consumers and for the company providing the service.

Here’s the deal: This company, TruConnect, is offering access to Sprint’s nationwide 3G data pipe for $5 per month and 3.9 cents …

Sprint May Offer Unlimited Data Plans with iPhone 5

Say you’re a major cell phone carrier, sitting in third place behind AT&T and Verizon. Suddenly a major phone manufacturer like Apple gives you the go-ahead to sell their bestselling products at your stores, eliminating the unfair competitive advantage that’s kept you from taking on your rivals.

With the game changed, what would you

Samsung Galaxy S II: Why I’m Not Buying It (Yet)

Bravi, Samsung and U.S. wireless service providers. You’ve finally brought the Samsung Galaxy S II stateside, four months after the rest of the world began enjoying the phone’s ultra-thin design, dual-core processor, Super AMOLED display and 8-megapixel camera.

In the tech world, that’s a lifetime. I remember having serious gadget …

Sprint Damn Well Better Get the iPhone 5—So Should T-Mobile

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “people familiar with the matter” say that Sprint will be getting the iPhone 5. The article is behind the WSJ’s paywall and without having even seen it, I can assure you there are some analyst quotes in there, some backstory of how the iPhone’s done on Verizon, and how the iPhone is losing market …

HTC Evo 3D Review: Average Phone, Cheap Trick

If you’re thinking about buying the HTC Evo 3D on Sprint, the first thing you should do is ignore the 3D.

The phone’s namesake features — a glasses-free 3D display and dual cameras to shoot your own 3D content — amount to little more than a cheap party trick. And with a dearth of 3D movies and games to enjoy on the smartphone, the …

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