Twitter Launches @earlybird For Special Deals

I imagine the meeting for @earlybird at Twitter went a little something like this:

Twitter 1: “We need to start making money, guys.”
Twitter 2: “Affiliate sales!”
Twitter 1: “Genius.”

Or something more asinine than that. Anyway, if you choose to follow @earlybird you’ll get twitters about special time-sensitive …

Twitter to Block Third Party Sponsored Tweets

If and when you see sponsored tweets show up in your Twitter stream, they’ll be coming from Twitter itself. CEO Dick Costolo today announced that Twitter “will not allow any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service that leverages the Twitter API.”

The post, titled “The Twitter Platform,” could have just

Twitter Tattoo Means Twitter Will Be Around Forever

This probably isn’t the first Twitter tattoo (henceforth known as a twattoo) and it probably won’t be the last, but it’s the latest. An enterprising young lady has decided to work at building her personal brand by getting a tattoo that says “follow me” in Twitter’s font next to Twitter’s bird logo along her left arm. Her …

Tweetie 2 Is Now Twitter For iPhone, Out Now

It’s now official, folks. Tweetie 2 has morphed into Twitter for iPhone and it’s free. I’ve been a Tweetie 2 user for some time so the change isn’t very drastic and I don’t see too many changes to begin with aside from Search. It’s a significant change, but I never really used it all that often on T2. Nevertheless it’s out …

Kindle Update Coming In May, Social Networking In Tow

Sound the alarm. Raise the roof. Do a jig. And have a seat for some exciting Kindle news.

Sometime towards the latter half of May, Kindle owners will receive a notification to update software to v2.5. A handful of folks around the Web were quick to jump on the social networking integration, which is nice and all but the other …

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