Sprint Delays BlackBerry’s PlayBook Again

He said, she said. In an internal document from Sprint, it would seem BlackBerry’s PlayBook is getting delayed again… indefinitely.

The CDMA variant of BlackBerry’s PlayBook was supposed to launch over the summer. Previous release dates had the PlayBook to debut on April 19th, and the latest one says that it will come in a few …

Sprint Releases New Music App for Phones

Sad that your Android doesn’t have iTunes to let you indulge your musical passions at a moment’s notice? Fret no more, Sprint phone owners.

Today, the wireless provider released a new music application for Android devices that serves as a ”single, convenient destination for customers to discover, purchase and play” music, per …

Verizon CEO: We Don’t Need Sprint

Verizon doesn’t want to buy Sprint, despite this week’s merger between AT&T and T-Mobile.

Verizon CEO Daniel Mead told Reuters:

“We’re not interested in Sprint. We don’t need them.”

The $39 billion AT&T-Mobile deal, announced on Sunday but expected to take months to complete, puts the newly combined company at the the top of the

Sprint Puts Google Voice Everywhere

What’s the difference between porting your mobile number and using it in two places at once? Sprint and Google Voice, that’s what. Both companies just announced a deal to streamline the whole port-your-number process courtesy Google’s Internet-based telephony service.

The partnership essentially lets you display your Google Voice …

Sprint’s Dual-Screen Kyocera Echo: Good Good? Or Bad Bad?

Need yet another screen in your life? Starting April 17, Sprint will give you two for the price of one in Kyocera’s Echo.

The Echo, running Android 2.2, is the first Android phone to feature two touch screens, each measuring 3.5 inches and joined together by a pivoting hinge that lets you fold the phone into a single-screen handset. …

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