Sprint Getting Its First Windows Phone Next Month

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform is preparing to expand to another carrier. Starting March 20th, Sprint customers will be able to purchase the HTC Arrive for $200 after a $100 mail-in rebate and two-year contract.

Here in the U.S., Windows Phone 7 devices are currently available on AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon plans to add the …

Skype Wants to Upgrade Video Calling Across Carriers?

Editor’s Note: Skype contacted Techland after the publication of this story saying the facts stated by the PC Mag article were untrue. Story has been updated from the original version in light of their response.

Is Skype trying to make deals the big four cell phone service providers to become the number one go to company for mobile …

Sprint Now Offers Good Deals on ‘Certified’ Refurbished Phones

I don’t need to know what happened to your phone. All I know is that you went into the bathroom with it and now it’s all wet. And you’re crying. Maybe it’s the thought of having to shell out hundreds of dollars to replace that off-contract BlackBerry. Maybe it’s knowing you just stuck your hand in the toilet.

Maybe it’s both.

The good

Sprint Outs Three New Android Phones and Preset App Packs

Sprint is hoping to make installing apps on new Android phones a more streamlined experience with Sprint ID. The basic premise is pretty simple: the company has created several "packs" of similar applications—Entertainment, Socially Connected, Health and Fitness, Business Productivity, Sports, etc.—which users can download in one

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