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Sony’s PlayStation 3D TV: Gorgeous with One Glaring Problem

Imagine my surprise when, last week, the UPS guy dropped off a package from Sony containing a brand new flatscreen TV—not just any flatscreen, mind you, but Sony’s new PlayStation 3D TV! Remember when they announced it back in June at E3 2011? I’d forgotten all about it until it appeared on my doorstep, as if by subconscious …

The iPod Turns 10: How It Shaped Music History

Though the Apple Store memorials have since given way to long lines for the iPhone 4S, it’s still difficult to imagine the technology company without Steve Jobs at its helm. And while much has been written about the gadgets that defined perhaps Jobs’ most productive decade, it’s tough to isolate one device for its impact above the …

HTC Rhyme Review: Hardware, pH-Balanced

As a male tech writer, Verizon Wireless’ HTC Rhyme is not a phone I would buy for myself. Its plum exterior appeals to more feminine tastes, and its tech specs are far from the cutting edge.

Still, I was happy to take the HTC Rhyme for a spin on a loaner device provided for review. It’s an intriguing handset, with a focus on …

Is This Really the World’s Smallest Camera?

I’d say no, not really the smallest, not if we’re counting pinhole cameras and all the geeky spy-angled gadgets that’ve been circulating for years. But judging based on general, non-specialty use, I suppose the answer’s “close enough.”

We’re talking about what looks like a 1-inch novelty item you might slip on your keychain like a …

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