Mac OS X: Leopard Is My King-Size Bed

I have Leopard. Have had for a few days now. But I also have a colossal deadline hanging over me, in the form of Time‘s Best Inventions issue. So I’ll plan on running another in my “The Last Review” series next week. Meantime I’ll perform the most important service a blogger can serve: linking to the roundups of the reviews. Apple 2.0

Can Anybody Take Down Microsoft Office? Probably, Yeah

I spent my high school years composing bad short stories in PFS Write. The first two years of college were lost to a monstrous Smith Corona typewriter/word processor hybrid. I finally got a Mac Classic in my junior year, and since then I have never been tempted to stray from the happy prison of Microsoft Word. I think of it as one of the …

Bill Gates, the Early Years: Damn, This Thing Works!

I’m going to post a lengthy excerpt here from the conversation I had with Bill Gates earlier this week, because, well, I have so much of it, and it kind of works as this wonderfully absorbing dramatic monologue about where Microsoft came from. This is him essentially telling the story of how he and Paul Allen figured out that writing …

Peep Show Duo Are New Mac, PC in UK; John Hodgman So 2006

It’s very hard for me to explain why it’s so urgently important for me to blog about this. Short, telegraph version: Peep Show, British sitcom, insanely vicious and funny. Steve Jobs, hires two Peep Show stars, to be Mac and PC in UK Apple ads…maybe that wasn’t so complicated.

If you’ve never seen Peep Show, it’s about two guys, a …

I Have Eaten the Apple Computer of Knowledge

Or oh, snap, it’s just Apple now. They dropped the “Computer” part. Does Sir Paul have to sue them all over again now?

One reason posting has been a little light lately is that I’ve been in Cupertino for the past week working on a behind-the-scenes piece about the iPhone launch. It’s here. So I have physically touched an iPhone, and it …

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