Social Networking Could Enhance Your Love Life

Before you bash your friends who go online to flirt with their crushes or those who send love notes to their significant other via social networking, a new study from Euro RSCG Wordwide is showing that online communication can actually help your relationship.

“We used to meet in bars, and restaurants, we now meet on Facebook and …

Netflix Tries to Go Social (Again)

After a failed attempt at social networking in September, Netflix announced yesterday in a quarterly earnings report that it will once again try going social.

The report stated that the company is working on an “extensive Facebook integration.” While Netflix won’t say exactly what that means, we’re guessing it will allow users to do … Helps Bands Track Their Tracks

Gone are the days when spreading the word about a new band meant handing out homemade CDs. With the growing importance of social media marketing in the music world, wants to help emerging and amateur bands share their tracks and manage their social media profiles.

Think of as the musical cousin of link shortener …

Can You Tell When a Celeb’s Tweet is #Endorsed?

When actress Elizabeth Hurley tweets that she loves a specific Estee Lauder product, she could be getting paid the big bucks to say so. Since the actress has been the face of the brand for over 15 years, it seems like quite the coincidence that every once and awhile she gives Estee Lauder shout out.

Although the FTC ruled late last …

New Year’s Resolution: A Savvier Facebook Profile

With Facebook’s ever-evolving profile, sometimes it seems simpler to leave your profile information untouched than update it, even if your fondness for The Amazing Race has seriously dwindled over the last few years. Still, your online identity could be in serious need of some readjustments.

As Facebook profiles are now considered a …

Facebook Forecast 2011: Mobile & E-Commerce, But What About China?

There’s no denying: Facebook had a hell of a year.

From a media standpoint, its copious (and sometimes scandalous) headlines were a dream – even Hollywood agreed. There have been few stories to match Facebook’s, and when they come along, the world seems to pounce. But mistaking the company (or its 26-year-old billionaire CEO) as …

Facebook Blocks Links Over Spam Concerns

Due to a tidal wave of spam-filled links from’s URL shortener, Facebook has temporarily blocked the links from the site. “As part of our effort to keep Facebook and the people who use our service secure, we closely monitor the content shared on the site for spam and malicious content,” Facebook said of the blockage. …

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