Facebook’s New Profile: Keep Calm & Carry On

Personal information and photos are the focus of Facebook’s latest profile redesign. Unveiled Sunday during CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s TV interview with 60 Minute’s Lesley Stahl, the changes are already available to all users who wish to upgrade before the mandatory switch is made within the next few weeks.

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Track Santa’s Journey Through Social Media

If you’re wondering where exactly Santa is this year – and when you should get those cookies and milk out – the people at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) are here to help. Their website will help you find where Santa is on his flight path. The actual tracking starts on December 24 and runs through …

World AIDS Day: For Awareness, Charities Turn To Social Media

Telethons no more: Non-profits around the world are working to raise AIDS awareness via social media.

Silent For A Cause:

The Digital Life Sacrifice campaign, lead by singer Alicia Keys, is raising money for the Keep A Child Alive fund, which provides support to people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. To raise finances, …

Does Google Me Exist?

Google Me is back in the news yet again. Mashable says that sources tell them that the purported social media site or functionality that is rumored to take on Facebook tell them the product will be pushed back to spring 2011 because of design delays, execution and, most importantly, the point of the whole function.

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Virtual Book Club: Five Great Social Reading Sites

Book lovers, take note: The best reading buddies might not frequent your local bookstores.

If you’re tired of testing book clubs that somehow always seem to be covers for mindless gossip, take your love of lit to the web. Social reading sites have become the new meeting place for book lovers, as comment threads double as circled …

Facebook To Trademark “Face”

Facebook is one step closer to trade marking the word, “face.” The very idea would be ridiculous if it wasn’t proof of the company’s rapid escalation within the race for web sovereignty.

More on Techland: MySpace Integrates Facebook

The trademark, which only applies to the word “face” when it’s used for online …

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