Game Time

The 10 Coolest Skyrim Mods

If you’re playing the console version of Skyrim, I’m afraid this story isn’t for you, or rather it is, if only to illustrate how much cooler playing Skyrim on a PC can be. Here’s a look at 10 of the best reasons, by way of some …

Is Skyrim’s User Interface Really So Bad?

For better or worse, Skyrim’s intrepid radial hub and text-heavy menus were designed with gamepads in mind. That’s just the way it is. Blame…I don’t know, probably the world, for buying over 100 million Xbox 360s and …

Sony’s PlayStation 3D TV: Gorgeous with One Glaring Problem

Imagine my surprise when, last week, the UPS guy dropped off a package from Sony containing a brand new flatscreen TV—not just any flatscreen, mind you, but Sony’s new PlayStation 3D TV! Remember when they announced it back in June at E3 2011? I’d forgotten all about it until it appeared on my doorstep, as if by subconscious …

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