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Interview with “45” creator Andi Ewington

On Wednesday (2/3/10) comics publisher Com.X is releasing a new title “45” by debut writer Andi Ewington. “45” is the story of journalist James Stanley, an expectant father in a world not unlike our own where on rare occasions babies are born with super powers. These individuals have what is known as the super-s gene and the lives they …

An Interview with Daniel Suarez: “This Is Not a How-To Manual”

Daniel Suarez is one of those rare novelists who writes like he’s a) living in the same world we are and b) actually paying attention to what’s going on there.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, he writes speculative fiction about a superbrilliant artificial intelligence that’s loose on the Net, killing people and seizing the assets of major …

Exclusive Interview with Eerie Von

We’re stepping out of our usual realm of nerdery today to bring a special announcement and interview with Eerie Von of Danzig fame. See, Eerie Von was not only the bassist for Danzig, but he was also the photographer for The Misfits. Maybe you already knew that, but some of you probably didn’t. Just covering our bases.

I’ve …

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